Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Everyone love a good contest and Albanian teens are no different! We have been having a contest in youth group since January. We try to add new ways for the kids to earn points for their team while also encouraging Biblical principles. It has been amazing to see the kids who now attend with their Bibles, do their lessons, attend Sunday services and bring friends. This past week I forgot to assign a verse for the kids to memorize from their lesson. So, when they came this week I was curious who had learned a verse.

When if came time to do points, every teen had chosen a verse to learn from the week's lesson. What surprised me the most was many of the teens learned 3 or 4 verses instead of just one! They all crowded around me to say their verses! One girl, Bruna, memorized 8 verses that week! What a joy to see them participating and going over and beyond the average! Oh, that we all could be Christians that went over and beyond for Christ every day!

Blessings upon Blessings!

It is always a thrill when someone comes to know the Lord as Saviour. This Saturday was excited for that reason and also more so!

We have been praying for an 11 year old boy, Dori 2 (since we have two 'Doris'), who has been attending children's program and church services. Last Sunday during Norm's message I could tell the Lord was really working in Dori's heart. He had tears in his eyes as Norm explained the love of God for us.

This week in children's program Rachael Hildebrant gave a wonderful lesson on Jesus calming the storm. She introduced salvation so beautifully by saying, this same Jesus who calmed the storm want to come into your life. Then she gave the plan of salvation.

After the lesson and closing prayer, there was great discussion among the boys. Then a bold Vici stated loudly, “Dori and Geni have not done the Prayer of Salvation!” I hushed them all and told them that if the boys wanted to accept the Lord they could come and talk to me. I always want the Holy Spirit to do the work of conviction in the hearts of unbelievers.

During the craft time one of our most faithful teens, Dori 1, came to me with Dori 2. “He really wants to get saved. Can you help us?' So, we went into the church room and sat down. 2 other boys, Geni 2 and Denis, asked if they too could hear about salvation. Geni 1 guarded the door the entire time not allowing anyone to bother us. “Shhhh! They are getting saved in there! Shhhh!”

I went through the plan of salvation, and Dori 1 was so excited to share his testimony. He was saved last summer when Pastor Allen came for a visit. He also help the boys understand their separation for God and need for a Savior, Jesus Christ. I was so thrilled that this young boy, only 14 years old, was leading his friends to the Lord!

In the end I asked Dori 1 if he would help them pray and accept the Lord. Dori 1 bowed his head and folded his hands and lead each boy in prayer. Dori 1's hands shook as he lead them in pray, ever so often, he would say, “Now what teacher? is that right teacher?” It was so precious! Dori 2, Geni and Denis all trusted in the Lord that day with the help of their friend, Dori 1!