Sunday, April 6, 2008

Puppies Puppies and more Puppies!

I'm not sure what it is about me, but I have a hard time seeing anything die. Such was the case as few weeks ago when I heard horrid screeching noise coming from our little street. Nathan looked out the window and informed me that an old man was hitting some poor little puppies with a stick. An old grandma came out of her 3rd floor apartment and yelled down to the man. I rush downstairs and outside to find 4 little puppies all laying in the road soaking wet from the rain. At first I was scared to touch them because they looked dead. One neighbor lady stood at a distance giving me advice. Another man stood off hoping not to be any part of the rescue. I slowly lifted one up and he wiggled a little. I put him in a small plastic box I bought for the rescue. Then I got the next one and laid him beside his brother. I saw the other two, but realized my box was not large enough. I did not want to go back in for fear the man would return with his stick. So, I piled the next 2 on top of their siblings. We brought the 4 puppies inside and dried off their wet, muddy bodies. We then started to feed them warm milk. They did not know how to drink from a bowl, so we got a plate. It took a little work to teach them to lap up the milk. Then the neighbor lady rang the bell to tell me there was one more puppy! 5 puppies! I later found out that the man with the stick is her husband. Interesting that she brought the puppy to me not him! It has been a lot of work and also a lot of reward. We have found homes for 2 of the puppies, and hope to find homes for the other 3 very soon.
As I feed the ever hungry little fluff balls, I thought of our 2 little churches. God brings us people who are hurting and broken. We bring them in, care for their wounds and share Jesus with them. We know the man with the stick is close by waiting to hurt our people. We see the others watching from a distance, wondering if we are real. We continue with routine feedings of the Milk of the Word. We pray that they will understand, that they will grow. Soon they will mature and have spiritual children of their own. Maybe the door bell will ring again and it will be another person who needs Christ. Could you pray?